A children's book series designed to teach your child about the globe, other cultures and languages in a fun and engaging way.

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The Book

Makanaka is a world travel guide with a gift of languages. In addition, she has pen pals around the world. In each book, she will be traveling to different countries to meet her friends and do something fun and unique to that country. Makanaka is able to go from country to country because of Fari, her parrot friend, who transforms into a jet.

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The Story Behind The Story

“My writing was inspired by my daughter Jillian Makanaka of which the series is named after. I was initially trying to create simple stories to help her learn my native language Shona, spoken in Zimbabwe.
Now my goal with this series is to allow kids to go on adventures with Makanaka, learn some geography along the way and a thing or two about other cultures. After all we live in a global world and what better time than at this age for kids to embrace that concept and what it truly means to be a global citizen.”

– Christine Mapondera-Talley



Our Goal

We’re crowdfunding this project because we need your help to bring these stories that create a love of global places and other cultures to students whether they are, in schools, libraries or at home.

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The first story, Adventure in Morocco, has been edited and revised extensively and now we’re in the final phase of fine tuning illustrations and formatting. Your contribution will help us cover the cost of printing the first 3000 books some of which will be made available to a library near you.
We look forward to your support in making Makanaka’s World a reality. We have some really cool rewards in store for your contribution.
Please join us in our quest to help our children become global citizens with your pledge today.


The Team

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Christine Mapondera-Talley


Author/ Creator

Born and raised in Zimbabwe. Current hometown, Chicago, USA

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Van Zandt


As the first person in her family born in the US, Christine grew up in northern California and Oahu. She currently resides in Los Angeles.


Ozan Tortop

Graphic Designer/ Art Director

Born and raised in Turkey. Current hometown, Brisbane, Australia.


Anil Tortop



Born and raised in Turkey. Current hometown, Brisbane, Australia.